Sunday, February 12, 2017

Working with online music clients from home

In the Summer of 2014, I was living in Spain with my wife Maria in the Small Village  of her family, and her birth, in Villar Del Rey, population about 2000.

We were in between concert tours, in Germany, Italy Croatia, Slovenia, and I had a keyboard, a studio mic, a laptop, and a wifi connection. I started posting my session player music website resume to various online session player services and since then, I've built up a very good roster of clients.  I'm still working 5 nights a week, as a solo piano vocal entertainer, but enjoy taking on some very interesting projects.
Many of my music clients come from  Airgigs, A website where artists can hire session players, vocalists, mix down engineers, etc, I'm listed as a sax player, keys, vocal, arranger and full demo production.
Here's a track I Wrote and sang for the Cosmic Pimp Band in Switzerland called Main Squeeze

More of my Session work to come.

Friday, February 10, 2017

February 2017, From Orange Beach Alabama

Hello friends, It's been too long since I've written a newsletter. Since my last writing, I married the girl of my dreams. Maria Silverio Gomez. We met in 1997, on a Long John Baldry Tour, in Fulda Germany, where Maria lived for 36 years. 

We found each other on Facebook, after too long apart, We were married in October 2015, Since August 2015, we've been living in Orange Beach Alabama, Where my family vacationed every summer during my childhood and teen years. I had a condo here, and sold it in 2010, just before the Deepwater Horizon Spill. 

I'm working between 6 and 7 nights per week, at the Perdido Beach Resort, playing grand piano in the Lobby, and The Fish River Grill, My last tour was the Summer of 2014, It's a bit lower profile than some of my huge concerts on the road, but the weather is great, I am writing and finally finishing my long overdue CD, that was crowd funded, 

I'm currently working on a 4 volume release for the Yamaha Disklavier player piano
for Player Piano Premier, featuring 40 of the greatest songs from Elton John.  
I was the pianist with Long John Baldry, for many years, the blues legend who discovered Elton in the mid 60s as a young man.  His music has been an inspiration since I heard his 1st CD in the 1970s,  I'll post some of the audio version of these,  it's been quite challenging to put his vocal and piano style into a cohesive arrangement, but the results have been beautiful

Recently I performed with one of the best artists on the Gulf Coast,  Mr. Lee Yankie, and the Hellzyeas at the Florabama,  He's an amazing guitarist and I hope to do some recording with him soon.  

Will send more updates as they come. Maria and I just got back from a wonderful Christmas Celebration with family in Germany and Spain, Will post a few pictures and rough mixes from the new CD, Best wishes, peace and love